#armvote2021. Daily News Digest [02.06.2021]
17:21 - 02 June,2021

#armvote2021. Daily News Digest [02.06.2021]

Recently prime minister Nikol Pashinyan has publicly invited Levon Ter-Petrosyan and Robert Kocharyan to hold a live stream debate. The spokesman of the first president Levon Ter-  Petrosyan has already rejected the suggestion. Today Ishkhan Saghatelyan, coordinator of the "Armenia '' bloc, has also rejected the offer of live stream debate with Nikol Pashinyan. Also, Robert Kocharyan, the leader of the "Armenia" bloc, has filed a lawsuit against the Central Electoral Commission in an administrative court.

Meanwhile, according to Zhirayr Sefilyan, the leader of the National Democratic Pole Party, the second president Robert Kocharyan will turn the country into chaos: He thinks that the murders in the last days are not accidental


How gender-balanced and gender-sensitive are the political parties

363% of the total number of candidates for MP for snap elections are women. There are only 2 parties led by women. Lusine Avagyan is the leader of the electoral list of the "United Homeland" party and Karine Tonoyan is the leader of the electoral list of the "5165 National Conservative Movement".


Fundraisings for campaigns

     To succeed in the election campaign and break the information blockade, Armenian National Congress asked citizens for financial support. It will allow ANC to actively buy TV and radio broadcasting time for campaigns, as well as to use social network promotions effectively.


Official and Non-governmental monitoring initiatives of the snap election

  • Preliminary voter lists for the June 20 snap elections have been published on May 31, 2021. The lists are publicly hung in polling stations and are available on the CEC official website. The lists are published on the website of the RA Police for download.
  • 24 alerts-reports on electoral law violations were received in The RA General Prosecutor's Office.
  • A delegation of the CIS Inter-parliamentary Assembly has been invited by the Speaker of the National Assembly Ararat Mirzoyan as observers in snap elections. Igor Komarovsky has been appointed as a Coordinator of the Monitoring Group.

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