The information spread by the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan that on January 27, units of the Armenian Armed Forces opened fire on Azerbaijani combat positions located on the north-eastern direction of the Armenian-Azerbaijani border is disinformation. In fact, on January 27 at around 22:00 on that direction of the border, the Azerbaijani side opened several irregular shots, to which the Armenian units didn’t respond. [RA MoD]

During the search operations in Varanda (Fizuli) region remains of an Armenian serviceman were found and evacuated. [SSES of Artsakh]

Regardless of the situation, our Army has been and remains the guarantor and protector of our security and identity. Together with all of you, I look forward to our captive compatriots. We must continue our efforts to return them home and quickly find the missing. We must all be united with the Army, keep its back strong, strengthen it, and consolidate around the army. [Armen Sarkissian’s message on the Army Day]

The government has not offered me anything. This is a wrong discussion. [Edmon Marukyan on discussions about becoming president]

The Armenian side has not yet clarified which of the demarcation and delimitation proposals is unacceptable to Baku. Discussions continue. Now we are trying to get clarifications about which part is unacceptable, on what basis and in accordance with that, what new solutions can be there. [RA Foreign Minister Ararat Mirzoyan]

Today we are following the path of systemic reforms aimed at further development of the Armed Forces, estimating what we’ve done, the advantages and problems. Armenia will have a professional army, and the government will carry out this work tirelessly, without pessimism, with optimism on the way to building our future security environment. [Congratulatory message of Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the formation of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Armenia]