Financial means of MP candidates: Part One ["Civil Contract" Party]
18:05 - 09 June,2021

Financial means of MP candidates: Part One ["Civil Contract" Party]

After the parties were registered in the Central Electoral Commission, they submitted declarations, including their property, income, and interests of both the party and the MP candidates involved in the party. It has been several days since the pre-election campaign started, and it will continue until June 18. June 20 is the voting day of the snap parliamentary elections.

Infocom has looked through the declarations submitted by the candidates ran by the "Civil Contract" party, which include businessmen and people with large financial means.

The pre-election list of the "Civil Contract" party includes 157 candidates, and the representatives of national minorities are not on it. Party's PM candidate Nikol Pashinyan, hasn't declared any financial means at the time of submitting the declaration. He also hasn't declared any real estate and has only presented the income received from the salary.

The richest candidate of the party, who declared the most amount of money, is Gurgern Arsenyan. He has declared 26.520.000 AMD, 11.702.131 USD, and 140.200 euros. If we convert the whole amount into AMD, the MP candidate has declared 6.164.567.000 AMD. We learn from Arsenyan's declaration that he has 18 real estates, including 7 buildings, and 11 plots of land. Arsenyan has 4 cars: "Range Rover L405", "Mercedes Benz S63", "Nissan X-Trail 2.5l" and "Bentley Bentayga 4.0T".

MP candidate Gurgen Arsenyan has declared 22 expensive properties exceeding 8 million AMD, including 2 watches worth 51.300.000 and 82 million AMD, 1 gold bar worth 32.055.000 AMD, and 19 paintings worth 532.900.000 AMD.

Arsenyan is a shareholder in 8 companies: "Arsoil" CJSC (100%), "Unicorn Flora" CJSC (100%), "Unicorn Print" CJSC (100%), "Unicorn Construction" CJSC (100%), "Unicorn Group" CJSC (100%) %), "Unicorn Service" CJSC (100%), "Vcredit 24" LLC (13%) and "Eldorado-Armen" LLC (51%).

Khachatur Sukiasyan is in second place with the declared financial means. He has declared 4.851.752.000 AMD, 2.005.651 USD, and 185K euros. The funds declared by Sukiasyan have been converted into about 6.4.853.000 AMD. Sukisayan has declared 37 real estates, including 22 buildings and 15 plots of land.

Sukiasyan has declared 29 expensive properties exceeding 8 million AMD, including 4 paintings "Grigori Khanjyan", 2 paintings "Martiros Saryan", 3 paintings "Minas", 1 painting "Kojoyan", 5 paintings "Garzu", 1 painting "A ․ Fyodorov ", 2 paintings "AveArthur", 2 paintings "Vardan ", 2 paintings "Guruz ", 5 handmade antique carpets, 1 antique furniture, and 1 antique home clock. The values of these expensive properties are not mentioned.

Khachatur Sukiasyan has 12․02% ordinary and 5.75% privileged shares in "Armeconombank" OJSC, 25% in "Sil Insurance" CJSC and  "Yerevan Flour Mill" OJSC, 25% in "Narek" LLC, "Sil Concern" LLC, and "Araj" LLC, 16% share in "Zovq" Factory of Yerevan JV OJSC, 20% share in "Bjni Group" LLC, 90% in "InLobby" LLC, 100% share in "Global Mining" LLC and 45.17% share in "Yerevan Polyplast" JV OJSC. In general, Khachatur Sukiasyan has got shares and stocks in 11 companies.

Tigran Petrosyan, an MP candidate nominated by the party's pre-election list, has declared 78.450.000 AMD and 70K USD as money available at the time of the declaration. In general, the amount declared by Tigran Petrosyan in AMD is 114․640․000. The MP candidate has declared 2 cars and 4 real estates, including 2 apartments and 2 plots of land.

According to the declared funds, the next is Robert Afandyan. Ha has declared 20 million AMD  and 70K USD. Robert Afandyan's funds in AMD make 56.190.000. Afandyan has declared 4 real estates, including 3 apartments and an area. The MP candidate has 3 cars: "Mercedes E-350", "Mercedes ML" and "Opel Astra G". Afandyan declared 2 golden chains worth 8 million AMD.

The 4 MP candidates mentioned above, were the ones who declared the biggest financial means. Besides, two of them, in addition to the declared funds, also have a lot of expensive property, real estate, as well as are shareholders in a number of companies. However, there are other MP candidates, whose funds are not much lower than those presented.

For some of the parliamentary candidates, the funds have sharply increased after the 2018 parliamentary elections. For example, the MP candidate Ruben Rubinyan had declared 400K AMD before the 2018 elections and 16.350.000 AMD before the 2021 elections. Romanos Petrosyan had declared 450K AMD before the 2018 elections, and now he has declared 11.768.000 AMD. Before the 2018 elections, Suren Papikyan had declared 2.500.000 AMD  and 1000 USD, which is 3.017.000  AMD. Now he has declared 14 million AMD, 13K USD, and 4500 EUR.  Converted into AMD that is 23.547.000, which is about 20.530.000 more than the previous one declared.

In general, if we consider only the funds of all the candidates who submitted a declaration, then the funds of the people included in the pre-election list of the "Civil Contract" party together make 5 billion 558 million 492 thousand AMD, 14 million 304 thousand 488 USD, 417 thousand 192 Euro, 270.000 rubles, 45 GEL, and 0.5 bitcoin. If we turn it into AMD, then in general the money of the party candidates is 14 billion 805 million 635 thousand AMD, and 0.5 bitcoin. It should be noted that these are only funds that do not include real estate, as well as expensive property. The income of the 4 candidates presented above makes 12 billion 340 million 250 thousand, which is 83․3% of the total funds of the candidates included in the party's pre-election list.

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