Snap parliamentary elections 2021: election campaign day 5. Updates
16:01 - 11.June.2021

Snap parliamentary elections 2021: election campaign day 5. Updates

18:03 - The political force that is directly responsible for this situation still hopes to get the people's vote, this means that any government that destroys everything, can still hope to continue to remain in power. The reason that I got into this is that these people ruined the work of my life. My biography is simply inseparable from the Artsakh liberation war, my life and the battle for the liberation of Artsakh were crossed and they destroyed, divided and burned it. [Robert Kocharyan] 


17:59 - It is not excluded that there will be aggravations on the day of the elections or in the following days, it’s obvious, that there is no such political force in Armenia that will receive the majority of votes. It’s already the basis for instability, and that’s why we entered the election campaign, trying to make our society understand that the clash of these two forces is not political, it’s not about plans or ideas, it’s about personal revenge and the desire to keep the power at any cost, in this case it’s necessary to have a third force that will make our society understand that our country will not benefit from the non-ideological clash of these two. [Aram Manukyan, member of the ANC]


17:53 - Nikol Pashinyan is leading the citizens to clashes. We are here to ask for your vote to give us an opportunity to expel the traitors from our country. [Vahe Hakobyan, representative of the Armenia (Hayastan) Alliance]


17:35 - Acting Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan assures that during the Artsakh war the battle continued to the point where it made sense to fight, the process was stopped only when it became clear that there was no reason to continue. He noted that one of the most speculated topics was about Noyemberyan. "Legends have been made that I was allegedly signing papers, giving away enclaves or territories." [Nikol Pashinyan]


16:16 - We are convinced that our people must have an alternative, and our speech differs in that all our plans are for the future. We do not refer to present and past, we bring new approaches to various issues, for example, security, economy, normalization of relations with the Diaspora. We are saying that the army should be reformed so that the two-year period of service in the army is reduced to one year. [Mher Terteryan, the leader of the United Homeland]


15:35 - After coming to power the primary task for us will be the restoration of the executive power. The second most important step is to explain to the people that they will have to live badly for some time, and to restore the territorial integrity of the Republic of Armenia and Artsakh. I think that if we do not solve that problem, then in the next few years Armenia will not exist at all. [Artak Galstyan, PM candidate of the "Armenian Homeland" party]


15:32 - The "Intellectual Armenia" party has decided to support the “Armenia” (Hayastan) alliance in the snap parliamentary elections. [Statement of the "Intellectual Armenia" Party]


15:12 - The participation of Robert Kocharyan in the elections speaks not about their strength, but about the weakness of Nikol Pashinyan's government. And we will not allow that weakness to continue. I have done everything for 3 years to keep the back of the government strong. These elections are referendums of independence, I ask you to go and show your will to the whole world, to force the world to take into account your government, the government of the people. [Arman Babajanyan]


14:29 - I repeat the position expressed by the leader of the Prosperous Armenia Party that we will not form a coalition with Nikol Pashinyan or the Civil Contract party. [Secretary of the Prosperous Armenia Party Arman Abovyan]


12:53 - The Democratic Party of Armenia has issued a statement noting that it does not recognize the decision of the Central Electoral Commission on invalidating the party's PM candidate Tigran Arzakantsyan's registration, considering it to be an expression of political bias. We think this decision was made under pressure, as the Democratic Party has become a serious force, and Tigran Arzakantsyan has gained such a reputation that enjoys the trust of tens of thousands of voters․ The law has no retroactive effect. The decision will be appealed in court soon. [The Democratic Party of Armenia]


11:47 - Armenia must be able to pursue a balanced foreign policy. We must use all the organizations we are members of. We must normalize relations with Russia, understand the conditions under which the CSTO works. I have the impression that as long as Mozambique or US troops do not enter Armenia, the CSTO will not consider it an attack on Armenia. [Norayr Norikyan, PM candidate of the "Fair Armenia" party]


11:44 - The only guarantor of the physical security of the Armenians of Artsakh is the Russian peacekeeping contingent. [Khachik Galstyan, MP candidate of the "I have the honor" bloc]


11:40 - Some of the political forces talk about the expansion of the Russian contingent, some talk about the need to bring a French detachment to the region, some talk about the United States and no one talks about the Armenian army. We need to strengthen the army. We must create an efficient army that will be the best in the region. [Norayr Norikyan, PM candidate of the "Fair Armenia" party]


11:29 - We exchange our thoughts with other political forces on different platforms. It is meaningful and interesting. Communicating with each other is an opportunity for us to find common edges. [Mher Terteryan, the leader of the United Homeland Party on forming alliance with the forces in parliament]


11:17 - The first thing that "Bright Armenia" wants to do is to make sure that no force has 51% of the vote. It’s very important for the forces, that want to bring solidarity, to enter the parliament to force the formation of a government of national solidarity. And if a force gets 51%, that force will try to destroy its opponents, as a result we will all be destroyed. We have seen the processes of destroying during the past three years. [Edmon Marukyan]


10:54 - In Armenia the power is in the hands of the people and no one can take it from the people. We will not allow those fake "elites" to reproduce. And if necessary, we will start a revolution,  we will carry out so many revolutions, until the elites bow down before the people. In Armenia you must all humbly serve the people. [Nikol Pashinyan, the Leader of the Civil Contract Party and PM candidate]


09:45 - Ruben Khlghatyan, former mayor of Armavir and MP candidate of the "I have the honor" bloc has been arrested. The arrest is political persecution. It is illegal. It aims to hinder the political activity of the "I have the honor" bloc before the elections. [Khlghatyan's defenders]

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