The "Armenia" alliance is confident about winning the upcoming elections
12:18 - 16 June,2021

The "Armenia" alliance is confident about winning the upcoming elections

During a meeting with citizens in Artik the second president of Armenia, and the PM candidate of the "Armenia" alliance Robert Kocharyan said they are confident about winning the snap parliamentary elections and taking responsibility for the country.

According to him, during the elections, the authorities should be evaluated by the fulfillment of their promises, and the opposition should be evaluated by what promises it makes and whether it has the potential to fulfill those promises․

"I even think that it is both easy and difficult for you to assess as there is nothing to compare about what the current authorities have or haven't done," Kocharyan said.

He also criticized the personnel resources of current authorities.

"Several key ministries were abolished - the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Culture," Kocharyan said, recalling the change of 5 heads in the National Security Service, 4 heads in the General Staff, and 3 ministers in the Ministry of Economy over the past three years.

For comparison, he reminded that at the time when he was in office, Minister of Agriculture David Lokyan worked for 7 years and the Chief of Police Hayk Harutyunyan worked for 8 years.

Kocharyan added that they will be better with their experience and knowledge.

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