"Independent Observer" shares the results of the pre-election campaign monitoring
13:11 - 16 June,2021

"Independent Observer" shares the results of the pre-election campaign monitoring

The "Independent Observer" presents the interim report on the long-term observation of the 2021 snap parliamentary elections. The report summarizes the results of the observation of the pre-election campaign during the period preceding the period defined by law  - 01.05.2021-06.06.2021.

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Here are the separate parts of the report according to the types of violations.

Use of administrative / business resources

The essential feature of these elections is that the ruling political force and the opposition, which is supported by many community leaders throughout the territory of the Republic of Armenia, both possess administrative resources and leverage.
In one of the registered cases, the "Armenia" alliance representative has submitted a statement against the mayor of Etchmiadzin regarding the alleged abuse.
 In all other cases, we are dealing more with the use of administrative resources by the opposition. 
In general, it is clear that the majority of opposition community leaders are engaged in campaigns (also during working hours). They also provide the participants of the regional meetings of the "Armenia" alliance. Some cases of administrative resource abuse are presented below.

  • According to the received alarms, in the city of Gyumri, with the participation of school principals, on behalf of the factions "Prosperous Armenia" and "Bright Armenia"  (perhaps without their knowledge) they have tried to direct the teachers in different ways to get involved in the local election commissions. According to the information received, this process is carried out by people associated with the "I Have Honor" ("Pativ Unem") and "Armenia" alliances.
  • During the observed period, administrative power was used by the ruling authorities as well. The regional visits of acting PM Nikol Pashinyan and a number of acting ministers were attended by regional governors and employees of regional administrations during their working hours without being on vacation.
  • Employees of businessmen associated with the "Armenia" alliance and employees of community institutions were forced to participate in the gatherings in the Syunik region.
  • The cases of support provided at the expense of the community budget,  are also considered as an abuse of administrative resources. They have been described in the sections related to election bribery alarms.
  • Repair of potholes has started in the Vanadzor and Lori regions. According to the information received, these actions are carried out in favor of the "Armenia" alliance,  ensuring the temporary employment of some people at the expense of the community budget.


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