The "5165" movement does not accept the election results
16:09 - 21 June, 2021

The "5165" movement does not accept the election results

The “5165” movement, which received 15.546 votes or 1.22% of total votes, issued a statement claiming it doesn’t accept the election results.

"Dear compatriots,

We thank the citizens of the Republic of Armenia who trusted us and voted for the "5165" movement. All these votes are very precious and binding for us. We assure you that our continuous struggle will prove the strength of your trust. At the same time, we must note that the elections were taking place with widespread violations, government resources were used throughout the campaign, long-known methods were used, an atmosphere of unprecedented hatred was generated by various forces, threats of violence were made, there were inflated voter lists and inaccuracies. There were power outages in the cities during the vote count. Due to the above-mentioned circumstances, the "5165" movement considers that these elections do not meet the standards of democratic elections, and we do not accept the election results.

Regardless of the official results, the "5165" movement considers the existence of the current regime to be destructive for our statehood. We will continue our struggle for the sake of Armenians and Armenia," the statement reads.



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