Arthur Vanetsyan says if his team goes to the Parliament, he will definitely not leave them alone
12:41 - 23 June, 2021

Arthur Vanetsyan says if his team goes to the Parliament, he will definitely not leave them alone

During a press conference today the PM candidate of the "I Have the Honor" ("Pativ Unem") alliance Arthur Vantesyan stated that the election results were unexpected.

"We have what we have. During the last two or three days, we have repeatedly stated that there was a direct terror against the staff of the pre-election headquarters of the "I Have the Honor" alliance, which was aimed at reducing the number of votes given to us. Now our supporters and lawyers are conducting studies in connection with all these cases, and if necessary, we will apply both to the law enforcement bodies and the courts," Vanetsyan said.

Commenting on whether the alliance will take mandates or not, Arthur Vanetsyan said, "If a decision is made that the alliance is going to the parliament and is taking the mandates, I will definitely not leave my team alone, I will go to the Parliament and we will continue our struggle in there. Unfortunately, not taking the mandates does not cause any legal consequences for the activity of the parliament. That is, if we do not take the mandates, the parliament continues to function.”

Referring to the suggestion of three former presidents to form an alliance with Levon Ter-Petrosyan, Vanetsyan mentioned, "If the three presidents had united, we would not know what result we would have. They did not unite, we can not speak with assumptions now, but both we and the other forces made mistakes. Maybe that's why we have such results today. We must understand how to go on in order to correct those mistakes and to be able to find solutions.”

According to the leader of the alliance, as a result of these elections, the issues in the country were not solved․
"As a result of these elections, the issue of the Artsakh conflict is not resolved, the issue of Azerbaijani servicemen in the territory of Armenia for more than a month is not resolved, thousands of our victims are not forgotten," Vanetsyan said.

He added that he hasn't mentioned that they accept the election results.

"I have said that at the moment all the election violations that happened during the elections are being collected, the issue of applying to the Constitutional Court with other political forces is being discussed. Only after receiving the decision of the Constitutional Court, we will decide whether we accept the election results or not, or do we still continue to go to the Parliament or no," he concluded.


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