Edmon Marukyan thinks the new Parliament will not be qualitatively better
12:21 - 24 June, 2021

Edmon Marukyan thinks the new Parliament will not be qualitatively better

armenpress.am:  During a press conference today the leader of the "Bright Armenia" party Edmon Marukyan stated that the National Assembly of the 8th convocation will not be qualitatively better than the one of the 7th convocation.

Marukyan said he admits the "Bright Armenia" party's solidarity and unity agenda has lost.

"Our people have decided that the Parliament of the 8th convocation should consist of the forces of Nikol Pashinyan, Robert Kocharyan, and Serzh Sargsyan. It's the decision of the people, the power belongs to the people," he said.

To the question of whether it is possible to restore solidarity with that staff of the Parliament, Marukyan found it difficult to answer.

"They might go to the Parliament, work in solidarity, with love, they might go and fight every day. We will see. In any case, I do not think that this Parliament will be much better in quality than the previous one," the “Bright Armenia” leader added.

Marukyan mentioned that his party's keeping up with the vote recount process. He noted that there were no major differences as a result.

"I think in all the polling stations where there were violations, the results should be invalidated. If there is evidence of mass violations, then the whole election should be declared invalid," he said, adding that they did not have such data.

Marukyan also noted that even the political forces that are going to apply to the Constitutional Court want to take the mandates.

"Therefore, they also accept those results. There are issues to dispute, let them dispute, I do not see any problem. But I see that the majority accepts the decision of our people," he said.

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