CEC presented the results of the vote recount in some polling stations
19:45 - 24 June, 2021

CEC presented the results of the vote recount in some polling stations

The recounting of the June 20 snap parliamentary elections' results continued in the territorial electoral commissions of polling stations N 9, 23, and 34. The members of the relevant precinct election commissions, proxies of the parties participating in the elections, media representatives, and observers were present at the recount. According to the press service of the Central Electoral Commission of Armenia, the results of the voting in 16 polling stations were recounted, as a result of which no change in the votes cast for the candidates was registered in 4 polling stations, in 1 of which no change in the data was registered at all. As a result of the other recounted polling stations, the following changes were registered with the votes in favor (- decrease, + increase).

"Fair Armenia" party    –1

"Armenian National Congress" party    0

"Civil Contract" party    -5

"Zartonq" National Christian party    -1

"Liberty" party   0

“I Have the Honor” alliance    -2

"United Homeland" party    0

"Pan-Armenian National Statehood" party    0

"Bright Armenia" party   -1

“Our Home Is Armenia” party    -1

"Republic" party    0

“Hayots Hayrenik” party    0

"Free Homeland" alliance    -2

"Prosperous Armenia" party     +20

Democratic Party of Armenia   -1

"5165" National Conservative Movement party    +2

"Citizen’s Decision" Social-Democratic party   -2

"Shirinyan-Babajanyan" alliance of democrats   -2

"National Agenda" party   -1

"Verelk" party    -2

"Liberal" party    0

European Party of Armenia    0

“Armenia” alliance    -2

"National-Democratic Pole" party    0

"Sovereign Armenia" party    0

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