47 people prosecuted for committing electoral crimes
10:17 - 26 June, 2021

47 people prosecuted for committing electoral crimes

The Prosecutor General's Office presents the results of the work carried out by law enforcement agencies under the supervision of the Prosecutor's Office on reports of substantial electoral crimes throughout the snap parliamentary elections and the reports of non-electoral but other electorally related criminal acts.

In particular, in connection with the reports sent to the preliminary investigation and investigative bodies by the working group set up in the RA General Prosecutor's Office for the preparation of materials in criminal procedure, as of June 25, 37 criminal cases have been initiated, out of which

  • 23 of the cases were initiated for giving and receiving electoral bribes, as well as for electoral bribery, moreover, most of them were committed under aggravating circumstances;
  • 3 cases for forcing or obstructing voters to participate in the campaign;
  • 2 cases for the threat of violence or use of violence in the precinct center or in the area adjacent to its entrance;
  • 1 case for preparing and selling fake ballots by a group of people with prior consent;
  • 1 case for threatening to cause damage to property, getting materially interested in obstructing the exercise of the right to vote;
  • 1 case for forcing more than 2 people to participate in elections, to vote for parties or alliances;
  • 1 case for trying to vote more than once;
  • 1 case for forcing the voter to announce the result of the voting in order to violate the privacy of the ballot;
  • 4 cases related to poster damage with property damage features.

47 people are prosecuted in the mentioned criminal cases. 26 of them are charged, and 11 have the status of suspects.

Various criminal charges have been filed in connection with the election bribery, including five members of the two alliances running in the June 20 snap parliamentary elections and five MP candidates. One of the candidates whose arrest was declared illegal by a court decision has left the territory of Armenia after being released from detention and is declared wanted.

Detention of all 6 candidates and the 11 people involved in criminal cases was chosen as a measure of restraint.

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