The RA CEC received 4 applications to invalidate the results of the parliamentary elections
13:50 - 27 June, 2021

The RA CEC received 4 applications to invalidate the results of the parliamentary elections

The Central Electoral Commission received four applications on invalidating the results of the snap parliamentary elections, the CEC Chairman Tigran Mukuchyan stated this while presenting the summary data of the elections.

According to Mukuchyan, one of the applications was submitted in violation of the established terms. The applications were submitted by the "Zartonq" National Christian Party, as well as the "Armenia" and the "I Have the Honor" alliances.

The reason for declaring the voting results invalid in the "Zartonq" party's application was the following:

  • Prior to the election campaign, the representatives of the "Civil Contract" party, who had the status of public servants, were actually campaigning at the expense of state resources;
  • During the election campaign, they were using methods of psychological coercion and calls for violence, and spreading threats of violence and hatred;
  • There were gatherings in the polling stations on the voting day;
  • Many ballots did not have photos, cases of directed voting were recorded;
  • Arrests were reported during the election campaign, and many polling stations were without power electricity when counting ballots;
  • Ballot envelopes were transparent and it was clear who they were voting for;
  • Other cases of voting control were registered.

The "I Have the Honor" alliance presented the following in its application as grounds for invalidating the elections:

  • The principle of equality and legitimacy has been violated in the snap elections since May 10, when the Prime Minister resigned, but he continued to exercise the powers given to the Prime Minister;
  • Administrative resources used on the election day;
  • Calls for hatred and violence by Nikol Pashinyan, the PM candidate of the "Civil Contract" party, during the pre-election campaign;
  • During the election process, thousands of people who had to move abroad permanently or had Armenian passports were not allowed to vote, as the Passport and Visa Department of the Police adopted a differentiated approach without any legal justification;
  • During the campaign, the provision of broadcast time was rejected on unreasonable grounds, and the Public Television of Armenia refused to broadcast the video provided by the "I Have the Honor" alliance;
  • Thousands of people participated in the elections, whose data were kept secret, polling stations were kept secret, and no information was available;
  • Pre-made ballot packages were provided in a number of polling stations, as a result of which there were cases when this or that ballot paper was missing in the package;
  • Possible cases of directed voting in the Armed Forces.

According to the alliance, the large inaccuracies in the polling station protocols and the results published by the Central Electoral Commission, which appeared in the results of the recount announced by the Central Electoral Commission are very suspicious.

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