There is no Western proposal, Baku rejected the Russian version - Foreign Minister ||
10:47 - 25 March, 2023

There is no Western proposal, Baku rejected the Russian version - Foreign Minister ||

Yesterday in the parliament, Ararat Mirzoyan had the opportunity to ask questions in the foreign relations committee, where the foreign minister presented the activities of the foreign policy department last year.

4 Azerbaijani and so far 3 Armenian documents. According to the Armenian Foreign Minister, the number of documents exchanged between Yerevan and Baku regarding the peace treaty is this much. Armenia has not yet formulated its response to the latest Azerbaijani proposals.

Answering the question of Agnesa Khamoyan, deputy of the opposition "Hayastan" faction, Ararat Mirzoyan informed that it was not yet possible to reach an agreement on the key issues of the peace agreement. "On many issues, I would say not ideal, but we managed to find mutually acceptable formulations. Moreover, I did not even measure how many were offered by Azerbaijan and how many by Armenian. There were discussions, there were exchanges of ideas, and some compromise texts were formulated. Unfortunately, this does not apply to issues that are not core, core, or of primary importance. All the issues of the first importance are still under discussion, and I would not hesitate to say that, in the main part, the positions of the parties are still quite far from each other. Peace treaty negotiations are bilateral."

To the question of whose mediation the negotiations are taking place, Mirzoyan answered that there is no mediation, the negotiations are bilateral.

Regarding the so-called Western or Russian proposals regarding the peace treaty, the head of the foreign political department assured that there is no Western option.

"In the process, there was a Russian version to which we agreed, the Azerbaijani side did not. The rest is nobody's version, that is, it is essentially an Armenian-Azerbaijani version. The West did not offer us any documents."

"There is such a point of view that Russia proposes to leave the issue of Artsakh to the future. The conventional West says: let's solve the Artsakh issue at this moment, Artsakh being part of Azerbaijan". Ararat Mirzoyan responded to this observation of Agnesa Khamoyan. "I have heard such definitions that Russia proposes to leave the Karabakh issue to the future, the West proposes to resolve the Karabakh issue right now. This definition is not accurate, at least for the West. I will try to present a little wording now. The Russian version presupposes, that is, the Russian version, which at some point was discussed and rejected by the Azerbaijani side, presupposes a clarification of the status later, with this document and in this negotiation process in which we are involved, it presupposes that at least the negotiations have started from it. And now they continue like that, implying the creation of an international mechanism for addressing the rights and security of Nagorno Karabakh.

As for the border demarcation between Armenia and Azerbaijan, according to Ararat Mirzoyan, during the meeting held in Prague last year, it was recorded that the border demarcation should take place exclusively based on the Alma Ata declaration.

Opposition deputy Aspram Krpeyan, asking a question, announced that Ararat Mirzoyan occupied the position of Foreign Minister, which angered the Foreign Minister, and the latter said:

"I hold, not occupy, the position of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Armenia. Although I remember very well, and it's not just your personal habit, you probably have a question about the perception of political power. I remember in those years when you were part of the government, your foreign minister tried to say that even the toilet can be occupied... That's how the territories around Artsakh were occupied."


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