Financial means of MP candidates: Part Two ["Armenia" alliance]
18:36 - 10.June.2021

Financial means of MP candidates: Part Two ["Armenia" alliance]

After the parties were registered in the Central Electoral Commission, they submitted declarations, including their property, income, and interests of both the party and the MP candidates involved in the party. It has been several days since the pre-election campaign started, and it will continue until June 18. June 20 is the voting day of the snap parliamentary elections.

Infocom has already presented the declarations of the businessmen and the candidates who have declared quite a lot of money and are included in the pre-election list of the "Civil Contract" party. We have also looked through the "Armenia" alliance's pre-election list - the candidates who have declared their property and large financial means.

75 of the MP candidates included in the pre-election list of the "Armenia" alliance have submitted a declaration to the Central Electoral Commission. According to the submitted declarations, the leader of the alliance, Armenia's second president Robert Kocharyan is the candidate who has declared the biggest amount of money. At the time of the declaration, Kocharyan had 980 million AMD and 1.927.000 USD. Converted into AMD it's 2 billion 187 million 265 thousand. In addition to financial means, Kocharyan has also declared 1 apartment and 1 residential house. He also has a 0․0306% share in "Sistema" PJSFC. Kocharyan is also the independent director of this company.

The second with the declared financial means is David Sedrakyan. At the time of submitting the declaration, Sedrakyan had 1 billion 420 million 630 thousand AMD and 750K USD. Converted into AMD,  Sedrakyan's declaration is 1 billion 808 million 5 thousand AMD. In addition to funds, the MP candidate has declared 34 real estates, including 3 apartments, 8 buildings, 1 warehouse, 5 storage rooms, 1 kiosk, 1 roof, 1 overpass, a platform, 7 parking lots, 3 areas, and 4 plots of land. Sedrakyan is a 100% shareholder of "David and Elina", "Dragsman", "Dragsman Store", "Dragsman Market", "Pars" LLCs. In addition to these companies, Sedrakyan has a 75% stake in "Bidek" LLC, a 50% stake in "Nariprof" LLC, and a 25% stake in "Best Friends" LLC. In general, the MP candidate has shares in 8 companies.

MP candidate Arsen Hakhnazaryan has declared 546.300.000 AMD, 1.205.600 USD, 511K Euros, 10 million rubles, 40K GEL, and 30K CA$ at the time of the declaration. Hakhnazaryan's funds converted into AMD are 1 billion 588 million 313 thousand. In addition to this, Hakhnazaryan has also declared 4 real estates, including 2 apartments, 2 parking lots, as well as 2 movable properties of "Mercedes-Benz GLE 400 4Matic Coupe" and "Hyundai Azera 2.4L". Hakhnazaryan has a 33-34% share in "Smart Choice" LLC, 30% share in "Eco Solutions" LLC, 100% in "Smart Finance" LLC, 34% in "Smart Set" LLC, 23-36% share in "Smart Finance Ford" LLC and 2 bonds in "Araratbank", one for 2.8% and the second for 4.6%.

Sayat Shirinyan, an MP candidate nominated by the "Armenia" alliance, has declared 250 million AMD, 750K USD, and 150K EUR as monetary means. In general, the declared amounts in AMD are 731.350.000. In addition to the money, Shirinyan has also declared 2 apartments, 1 garage, 2 cars of "Toyota Avensis ZRT271" and "Lexus RX 450 H". It is noted in the declaration that Shirinyan's only source of income is the amount generated from the pension.

The mayor of Goris Arush Arushanyan is also included in the pre-election list of the "Armenia" alliance. Arushanyan has declared 230 million AMD, 295K USD, 105K EUR. The total amount converted into AMD is 448.150.000. In addition to this, Arushanyan has also declared 2 plots of land, 1 private house, 1 industrial building, and a truck "Zil 130".

Arthur Ghazinyan has declared 30 million AMD, 500K USD, 200K EUR. If we convert it into AMD, then Ghazinyan's funds are 413.550.000 AMD. In addition to the money, Ghazinyan has also declared 1 house, 1 plot of land, and a car "Jaguar XJL 3.0".

Levon Kocharyan has declared 161.280.000 AMD  and 395.460 USD, which is a total of 365.535.000 AMD. In addition to the funds, Kocharyan has also declared 1 apartment, 1 garage, 1 office, and 2 cars "Toyota RAV4 2.5" and  "Toyota Camry 3.5p". Kocharyan has a 60% stake in "Nairi Insurance", a 50% stake in "Jemcominvest", a 33-3% stake in "Space Management" and a 0.70% stake in "Excel Outdoors".

MP candidate Vahe Hakobyan has declared 9.800.000 AMD, 408K USD, and 212K Euros. In total, it's 353.350.000 AMD. In addition to the money, Hakobyan has also declared 4 apartments, 3 parking lots, 1 plot of land, 2 cars - "Lexus ES 250", "Mercedes-Benz V250 D 4Matic", and 1 motorcycle. Hakobyan also declared 6 expensive properties worth more than 8 million AMD, including a $ 17K "Hublot" watch, an $ 11 million "Vacheron-Constantin" watch, a $ 12 million "Breguet" watch, and $ 18,000 Martiros Saryan "Sevan" watercolor, a Martiros Saryan oil painting worth 150K USD and a Hovhannes Aivazovsky painting worth 200K USD. Hakobyan has a 10% stake in "Cronimet Metal Trading CIS" CJSC.

Andranik Tevanyan has declared 5.800.000 AMD, 358K US dollars, and  124K Euros. In total, it's 268.393.000 AMD. In addition to the funds, Tevanyan has also declared 2 apartments, 2 garages, and 1 "Honda CR-V" car.

In addition to the people mentioned above, others who have shares in companies have also been nominated by the "Armenia" alliance. Tigran Barseghyan is a 100% shareholder in "Bimmo" LLC. He has a 50% share in "Veneri", "Veneri Immo", "Sagati fish", "GitiS-immo" LLCs. He has declared 2 apartments, 2 cars, and 53.737.000 AMD.

Alexander Khachatryan has shares in "Tickey & Partners", "Free Invest S. A.", "Volunteer1: Open Contract Public Fund" and "Volunteer 2: Open Contract Public Public Fund" companies. Khachatryan has declared 1 apartment, 1 cottage, and 35.710.000 AMD.

Yuri Hambaryan has a stake in "R&H Trans", "My Net", "Lori Beer" and "Spider System" companies. The MP candidate has declared 3 apartments, 2 garages, 2 plots of land, 1 area, and 1 "Toyota Camry 2.5" car. Hambaryan's funds amount to 112.644.000 AMD.

Hripsime Stambulyan, nominated by the "Armenia" alliance, has 100% shares in "Anriva-Trans", "Anriva-Tour", "Anriva-Realty", and "Cordoba" companies. Stambulyan has declared 1 private house, 1 apartment, 1 public settlement, 2 plots of land, and a car - "Lexus RX 350". She has also declared an "Omega de Ville" watch worth 10 million AMD as an expensive property exceeding 8 million AMD. Stambulyan's funds amount to 146.125.000 AMD.

In general, if we consider only the funds available in the declarations submitted by the candidates of the "Armenia" alliance, they make 4 billion 468 million 687 thousand AMD, 7 million 849 thousand 780 dollars, 1 million 642 thousand 560 euros, 15 million 502 thousand 700 rubles, 40 thousand GEL, and 30 thousand Canadian dollars. The amount converted into AMD is 9 billion 930 million 286 thousand. The funds of the 13 deputy candidates mentioned above make 8 billion 512 million 127 thousand AMD, which is 85.7% of the funds of all the MP candidates who have submitted a declaration.

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