Our country has promoted the values of Francophonie with honor and great enthusiasm - Minister of Foreign Affairs
23:02 - 20 March, 2023

Our country has promoted the values of Francophonie with honor and great enthusiasm - Minister of Foreign Affairs

Once again, the two months of Francophonie in Armenia, which has already become a tradition, is starting, with rich cultural and educational programs. Over the course of two months, around seven hundred events dedicated to the French language and Francophone culture will take place in Yerevan and regions. This is another opportunity for Armenia to reaffirm its commitment to the values and principles of Francophonie.

Being a small part of the large-scale francophone area, Armenia has reaffirmed its value system and linguistic-cultural inseparable connection with Francophonie during the previous decades. This is evidenced by the significant achievements of the previous years, from Armenia's membership in the International Organization of Francophonie to the organization of the organization's summit in Yerevan in 2018 and assuming the presidency of the FMC for four years.

During the 18th La Francophonie summit held in Djerba, Tunisia last November, Armenia successfully concluded its four-year presidency in the organization, handing over that important commitment to Tunisia. The Djerba Declaration adopted as a result of the summit reflected a number of important positions, including those related to our region, emphasizing the solidarity of Francophonie member countries and governments with Armenia in the context of the security challenges it faces.

During the eventful four years of Armenia's presidency, our country has promoted the values of Francophonie with honor and great enthusiasm in favor of cultural diversity, democracy, human rights, and freedoms. We will continue to make determined efforts in that direction and contribute to the spread of Francophonie values and ideas.

This year too, the International Day of Francophonie will start the traditional two months of Francophonie, rich in cultural, theatrical, artistic, and educational events, which will mobilize all the key Francophone actors of Armenia in the capital city of Yerevan and in all regions of Armenia.

The role and active involvement of our partners, including the embassies of francophone countries accredited in Yerevan, are important for the success of the Francophonie Days.

Francophone educational institutions and public organizations, which are one of the driving forces of the Francophonie bimonthly, need special mention.

In this context, I would like to welcome the entry of a new francophone major player, the French Institute, into Armenia this year and its active involvement in the implementation of the two-month events. I hope that the flow of new francophone actors to Armenia will continue, becoming a stimulus for the growth of interest in the French language and francophone culture.

Summing up, I would like to wish the 2023 biennium of Francophonie in Armenia a successful course and congratulate the Francophone community of Armenia on this cultural holiday.

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