Pashinyan thinks people are confused whether Serzh Sargsyan wanted to harm him or do a favor ||
13:46 - 10.June.2021

Pashinyan thinks people are confused whether Serzh Sargsyan wanted to harm him or do a favor ||

Armenia’s acting Prime Minister and the PM candidate of the “Civil Contract” party Nikol Pashinyan referred to the recording published by Armenia’s third President Serzh Sargsyan. During the election campaign in Armenia’s Lori Province, in the town of Spitak.

“As much as I followed the public response, the people are a bit confused – they say – we don’t understand, Serzh Sargsyan wanted to harm or do a favor. What Serzh Sargsyan published fully substantiates our positions,” he said.

Pashinyan stressed that it did not happen in 2018 but much earlier. He stated that with the April war the “territories against nothing” resolution became more serious.

“In 2018 we inherited the negotiation process in conditions when “territories against nothing” resolution was already on the table of negotiations. It is very important to note that the mediators and the international community we relied on for so many years put an issue before us – return the territories against nothing,” he said, adding that the mediators expressed the same position about the future developments and regulation ways as Azerbaijan did.

He asked Sargsyan why in publishing the recording, he did not address the accusations that Pashinyan allegedly sold the lands in Dubai for $5 billion.

"What happened to the issue of selling those lands? Now they are accusing us of not giving the lands," he said.

Pashinyan also expressed confidence that everything could have been different if Armenia had an army with other weapons in 2016-2018. According to the PM candidate, this election is a unique opportunity for the Armenian people to assess the history of the past 30 years. He reminded that all the former leaders are participating in this election.

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