Financial means of MP candidates: Part Four ["Prosperous Armenia" party]
20:50 - 14 June,2021

Financial means of MP candidates: Part Four ["Prosperous Armenia" party]

After the parties were registered in the Central Electoral Commission, they submitted declarations, including their property, income, and interests of both the party and the MP candidates involved in the party. It has been several days since the pre-election campaign started, and it will continue until June 18. June 20 is the voting day of the snap parliamentary elections.

Infocom has already presented the declarations of the deputy candidates included in the pre-election list of the “Civil Contract” party, as well as “Armenia” and “I Have Honor” (“Pativ Unem”) alliances. Now we present the property, income, and interests declarations of the "Prosperous Armenia" party candidates.

Gagik Tsarukyan is the PM candidate of the "Prosperous Armenia" party. He has declared the largest amount of money. At the time of the declaration, Tsarukyan had 877 million 300 thousand AMD, 52 million 850 thousand US dollars, 5 million 1400 Euros, which in total amounts to 31 billion 205 million 921 thousand AMD. In addition to that, Gagik Tsarukyan declared 25 real estates, including 5 private houses, 2 other real estates attached to the land, 2 public buildings, 1 apartment, 1 voluntary building, and 14 plots of land. In addition to real estate, Tsarukyan has also declared 14 movable properties: "BMW X5 4.4", "Toyota, Land Cruiser Prado v6 4.0 I", "Jeep, Wrangler 4.0", "Rolls-Royce, Coupe Phantom 6.7", "Nissan, Patrol Safari 4.8", "Range Rover, sport 4.4"," Toyota, Tundra 5.7", "Mercedes-Benz, G-63 AMG", "BMW, X5 M 4.4", "Toyota, Land Cruiser 200 4.5 TD", " Rolls-Royce , "Silver Spur 6.7", "Toyota, Land Cruiser 200 4.0", "Toyota, Land Cruiser 200 4.0", "Bentley, Bentayga", "Rolls-Royce, Cullinan 6.7", "BMW, X6 Xdrive 35i 3.0" and "Nissan, Patrol Safari 4.8".

Tsarukyan has declared 43 expensive property worth more than 8 million AMD, including 15 bedroom furniture worth 1 million 997 thousand 130 euros, 10 lobby furniture worth 1 million 511 thousand euros, 4 dining room furniture worth 787 thousand 800 euros, 1 kitchen furniture worth 110 thousand euros, 1 wooden piece of furniture worth 118 thousand 458 euros, 1 curtain worth 251 thousand 799 euros, 1 diamond wristwatch worth 300 thousand USD, 2 diamond wristwatches with golden chain worth 1 million USD, 3 golden rings with diamonds worth 4 million 700 thousand USD, 3 golden wristwatches worth 500K USD, 1 golden chain worth 100K USD and 20 chandeliers worth 1 million 587 thousand 300 euros. In general, the amount of all expensive property converted into AMD is 7 billion 451 million 897 thousand.

Tsarukyan has securities (tradable financial asset) and investments in "Aller Aqua AM", "Raneb", "Arben", "Global Motors", "Cleopatra", "Multi Pharm", "Multi Aquamarine", "Shustov" trading House, "Arsilicium", "Multi Motors", "Belleza", "Onira Club", "Prevelon Consulting Limited", "Olimpavan", "Multi-Group Investbel", "Firma New", "Technalumin", "Multi Autotrans", "MG Europe", "Balkan Pet Company", "Multi Intertrans", "Multi Diamond", "Multi Solar", "Multi Cars", "Multi Wellness Center", "Multi Tobacco", "Multi Propane Gas", "Multi Truck"," Multi Trade House", " Gold Silver Chain Company", "Multi Group Concern", "Multi CC", "Magas Invest", "Multi Group Stone", "Multi Rest House", "Yerevan Chemical-pharmaceutical Firm", "Business Technoplaza","Tikhviz Firm", "Zvartnots Handling", "Gorna Bania", "Kotayk" brewery, "Mira-G", "Ecofish-Trade", "A.A.D. Hotel ", " Euromotors", "Multi Arms", "Mkhchyan Fish Food","Armoil", "Ceramizia International", "J-Invest", "Yerevan Ararat Brandy-Wine-Vodka Factory," "Multigroup Trade " and "Avia-Service" companies. In total, he has securities and investments in 54 companies.

In the declaration submitted before the 2018 parliamentary elections, Tsarukyan had securities and investments in 45 companies. During these 2.5 years in Parliament, he has acquired shares in "Multi Tobacco", "Multi Propane Gas", "Multi Truck", "Multi Trade House", "Gold Silver Chain Company",  "Ceramisia International", "J-Invest" "Multigroup Trade" and "Avia-Service" companies.

Karapet Guloyan, nominated by the pre-election list of the "Prosperous Armenia" party, had 1 billion 920 million AMD and 407 thousand 205 USD at the time of the declaration, which is 2 billion 129 million 734 thousand AMD. In addition to this, Guloyan has also declared 1 apartment and 1 residential house. The MP candidate has shares in "Dakawa Construction" and "Electromontage" companies.

Karlen Minasyan comes third with the amount of declared funds. He has declared 200 million AMD, 170K USD, 60K Euros as money, which is 324 million 870 thousand AMD. In addition to this, Minasyan has also declared 1 building and a "BMW 745" car. Minasyan has shares in "EDM Solar", "Arm Solar", "Solar Daughter", "Lime Stone", "Malishka Resources" and "Vayk Resources" companies.

Mikael Melkumyan has declared 5 million AMD and 331K  USD, which amounts to 175 million 765 thousand AMD. In addition to this, Melkumyan has also declared 3 buildings.

At the time of the declaration, Hrant Madatyan had 88 million AMD and 24K  USD, which is 100 million 360 thousand AMD. In addition to this, Madatyan has also declared 1 private house and 4 plots of land.

MP candidate, current MP Kajik Gevorgyan has declared 1 plot of land, 1 apartment, 1 residential house, 1 rural plot of land, and a car "BMW M5". Gevorgyan has also declared 2 expensive jewelry exceeding 8 million AMD - watches with a total value of 69K USD. The MP candidate has shares in "Tuff-Stone" and "Kaj-Trans" companies. He has declared 31 million 430 thousand AMD as monetary means.

Hrant Davtyan has shares in "Khchakar-Musa", "Gharib", "Ayos", "Armark", "Moneygrant" and "Aptes" companies. He has declared 2 apartments, 1 house, 4 buildings, 7 plots of land, and 2 cars -  "Mercedes Benz S500L" and "Toyota Camry 2.5Gas". Davtyan has declared 1 million 266 thousand AMD as monetary means.

In general, the financial means of all the candidates nominated by the pre-election list of the "Prosperous Armenia" party together make 3 billion 391 million 920 thousand AMD, 54 million 320 thousand 450 USD, 5 million 152 thousand 100 Euro, and 900 thousand rubles. All monetary means amount to 34 billion 572 million 257 thousand AMD. Only the funds declared by Gagik Tsarukyan make up 90.3% of the funds of all the candidates of the party.





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