#armvote2021. Daily News Digest [03.06.2021]
16:59 - 03 June,2021

#armvote2021. Daily News Digest [03.06.2021]

Public awareness on election regulations

The Central Electoral Commission (CEC) and the Police of RA are actively working with media to raise the awareness of citizens about snap election processes and possible steps in case of facing technical in-corrections in the voters' lists. In this framework CEC made an additional statement: In case of inaccuracies in the voters’ list citizens can apply for corrections until June 10, 2021. The number of the hotline is 011-37-02-36. Within 5 days after receiving the application, but no later than June 11,  Police will make the necessary changes or corrections to the voter list. The Central Electoral Commission also informs, that if a person has only one passport with expired validity, then they can participate in the voting with that document. But if a person has three valid documents: an old type of Passport, a biometric passport and an identification card, they can vote with any of them.


Officially set areas for posting campaign texts in Yerevan 

  • The Yerevan municipality is trying to regulate public spaces where placing election posters and papers is officially allowed. They made a statement calling political parties to place campaign posters only in specially designated areas (not to paste posters on the walls or columns of residential or other buildings). According to the officially published list, there are in total 336 free places in Yerevan to paste campaign posters.


Opinions around the election inside and outside of Armenia

  • The French-based political analyst Kayts Minasyan made a comment on Nikol Pashinanyan's visit to France. He is sure that one of the reasons for Pashinyan's visit to France was for Macron to consciously enter the Armenian election campaign.
  • Garegin Miskaryan, a member of the executive body of the "Citizen's Decision" Party, in a talk with media said that the forces that have ever ruled in the Republic of Armenia have proven to be ineffective in governing because of the path they have chosen. He states that unprepared snap elections will not change the quality of the political field. 
  • Aram Vardanyan, the representative of the "Armenia" bloc, stated that they have information that some foreign-funded NGOs will start black propaganda against the "Armenia" bloc, as well as will spread false accusations. Also at the meeting in Tavush Robert Kocharyan stated that Tavush is a special target for their political team. They must win the elections in the Tavush region and especially in Ijevan.

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