#armvote2021. Daily News Digest [27.06.2021]
21:20 - 27 June, 2021

#armvote2021. Daily News Digest [27.06.2021]

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Central Electoral Commission summed up the final results of the snap parliamentary elections

The Central Electoral Commission prepared and signed the protocol of the results of the snap parliamentary elections in Armenia, according to which the "Civil Contract" party has received 688.761 votes or 53.91% of total votes, the “I Have the Honor” alliance – 66.650 or 5.22% and the “Armenia” alliance – 269.481 or 21.09%.

The total amount of inaccuracies is 973. All members of the commission signed the protocol.


Recounts in 82 polling stations, in 51 of which insignificant changes were registered

The Chairman of the Central Electoral Commission Tigran Mukuchyan presented the summary data on the snap parliamentary elections. 

Mukuchyan said that in three territorial election commissions (No. 2, 3, 9) applications were submitted for recounting the voting results in four polling stations. The applications were submitted by the proxies of the "Zartonq" National Christian Party. The CEC also received applications from the authorized representative of the "Sovereign Armenia" party and the Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly-Vanadzor The applications referred to the inaccuracies in the voting results in different polling stations. The submitted applications referred to the data of 24 precincts in total.

"The results of the pre-registered voting in 16 polling stations have not changed at all. No change in the votes cast for the candidates was registered in 31 polling stations, and in the remaining 51 polling stations, there were insignificant changes due to the recognition of valid or invalid ballots,” Mukuchyan stated.


The CEC approved the number of mandates each political force will receive in Parliament

The Central Electoral Commission of Armenia calculated how many mandates each of the three political forces ("Civil Contract" party, "Armenia" and "I Have the Honor" alliances) will receive in the newly formed Parliament.

According to the decision, the "Civil Contract" party will receive 68, the "Armenia" alliance - 26, the "I Have the Honor" alliance - 7 mandates.

The "Armenia" alliance will get 2 additional seats in the Parliament, because, as the CEC chairman commented, the total number of mandates of the opposition parties should be 36, and since the "Armenia" alliance received more votes, those additional mandates will be given to them.

According to the final count, the "Civil Contract" party will have 71 MPs in the National Assembly of the 8th convocation, the "Armenia" alliance - 29, the "I Have the Honor" alliance – 7.


The "Armenia" alliance is to apply to the Constitutional Court with a demand to invalidate the voting results

A huge amount of hate speech was spread during the pre-election campaign, at a briefing with reporters, the official representative of the central headquarters of the "Armenia" alliance Aram Vardevanyan stated this referring to the alliance's application to the Central Electoral Commission after the snap parliamentary elections, which demands to invalidate the results of the snap parliamentary elections.

"Hate speech is not just a word if it is used by a pro-government force, which is constantly surrounded by thousands of police officers at all rallies," Vardevanyan said.

According to him, there were systematic violations during the elections, and that they are going to submit an application to the Constitutional Court as soon as possible, according to the law, within 5 days after summarizing today's results.


Parties and alliances apply to the CEC to invalidate the results of the parliamentary elections

The Central Electoral Commission received four applications on invalidating the results of the snap parliamentary elections, the CEC Chairman Tigran Mukuchyan stated this while presenting the summary data of the elections.

According to Mukuchyan, the applications were submitted by the "Zartonq" National Christian Party, as well as the "Armenia" and the "I Have the Honor" alliances.

“Zartonq” claims that prior to the election campaign, the representatives of the "Civil Contract" party, who had the status of public servants, were actually campaigning at the expense of state resources; during the election campaign, they were using methods of psychological coercion and calls for violence, and spreading threats of violence and hatred; arrests were reported during the election campaign, and many polling stations were without power electricity when counting ballots;

The “I Have the Honor” alliance claims that thousands of people participated in the elections, whose data were kept secret, polling stations were kept secret, and no information was available; during the election process, thousands of people who had to move abroad permanently or had Armenian passports were not allowed to vote, as the Passport and Visa Department of the Police adopted a differentiated approach without any legal justification; during the campaign, the provision of broadcast time was rejected on unreasonable grounds, and the Public Television of Armenia refused to broadcast the video provided by the "I Have the Honor" alliance.

According to the “Armenia” alliance, the large inaccuracies in the polling station protocols and the results published by the Central Electoral Commission, which appeared in the results of the recount announced by the Central Electoral Commission are very suspicious.



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